Thursday, December 23, 2010

Off of work due to pain in leg/back

Okay, I wanted time to do more writing and finish editing my NaNo novel. I guess the "universe" listened because after slipping while getting on a bus to go to work last week I "did" something to my back. It is painful to walk more than a few feet. MRI this afternoon but probably just need to rest/ice/rest. Took this week off of work and next week is my vacation! *sighs*
I have been writing more but only for short sprints due to pain if I sit too long. My new obsession which has nothing to do with writing is Dr. Who (the one with David Tennant as The Doctor). Thanks to my daughters who "made" me watch it and now I am hooked. I can ice my back, stretch out on the couch and ta dah, Dr. Who magically appears!

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