Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Friday

Three rejections of the faerie novel in my inbox this week. One rejection letter was a nice one! It encouraged me to keep shopping the novel around even though it wasn't right for their agency. It was a personal touch that made the rejection a little less painful. I entered the ABNA this week and sent off a short story. I am determined, or tenacious or maybe just stubborn when it comes to sending stuff out.
I am working on my Arthurian inspired novel and am up to 20,000 words on it so far. I like it. The characters seem to be going off in directions that I did not anticipate! A very good thing.
I cannot believe it's coming up on February already! Oh, I came across a singer from Ann Arbor named Jetty Rae that I adore! She has a fantastic voice.

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