Thursday, January 6, 2011

Steampunk Shakespere Draft is done!

I decided to do a first draft of a short story for the steampunk Shakespere contest. Mine is based on Midsummer's Night Dream with robots. LOL. I will edit it and then send it in and keep my fingers crossed!
I started one beginning but didn't like it so I deleted it and started it again. Then I deleted that one and began again for the third time. My style of writing is to get it all down at once and then go back and edit it. It was easier than I thought since I was using the basic story line from William S. Anyone see the Dr. Who episode where he and Martha go back in time? It was called The Shakespere Code and it was very good. Anyway, I am continuing on with writing and trying not to let the pain in my back/leg get in the way of my creativity.

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