Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Self Publishing the Way to Go?

I was thinking about what I want to accomplish as far as my writing goes in 2011 and did write some New Year's Resolutions (see previous blog) but as I ponder my next writing project I wonder if I am not selling myself short by relying on getting a traditional publisher vs. self publishing like on CreateSpace. The downsize to these is not only the money you are putting out but no marketing to speak of. My past two YA novels were done by Publish America (I know, I know) with no marketing at all. I barely sold a handful of one and around ten of the other novel. I did the editing myself and had three book signings. I sent out announcements to the local newspapers (sadly no longer in print) and to the local TV/Radio stations hoping I'd be interviewed. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So, would I be in the same boat with a self publisher? So many articles I've read say not to self publish and to go to a traditional publisher especially for first time authors but is this the case? I am hoping to find an agent for my faerie novel but what if I don't? Should I put it up on Kindle anyway and hope that someone buys it? Decisions...decisions...decisions.

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