Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Everyone a Writer?

I am amazed at all the would-be writers "out there." At times I feel as if why should I bother since there is so much competition and at other times I believe that my writing is good and that someone, somewhere might be entertained by it so I keep on. I equate writing to singing. Everyone thinks they can sing (watch American Idol auditions to see this played out) and everyone thinks they have the Great American (or insert your country) novel in them. I know that writing is not just a technical skill but there is an art to it too. You can take all the writing classes you want, get degrees if that's what you want to do but in the end it's a matter of talent, knowing the right people (agents/publishers), persistence and determination. You can't let rejection throw you into a self-pitying frenzy either. Maybe this editor/publisher/agent did not like your piece but maybe someone else will. Listen to your gut/heart and follow your passion! But don't quit your day job just yet.

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