Saturday, January 15, 2011

New eBook coming out!

I went back and forth on this but this particular story is too short for a novel and a bit too long for a novella so I thought I'd try putting it up on Kindle. I have to say I'm happy with the process but it took me two hours to figure it out. I'm not as technologically inclined as I wished I was. The only problem is that it came out single spaced instead of double and I am not sure what happened since the original document was double spaced. Oh well. If anyone is interested it's called Aine and it's a YA magical realism novella.

I am in the process of editing my murder mystery for the publisher. I finished chapter one, well, I think I finished it and sent it in. I have to keep my inner critic at bay and bribe her with treats in order to make her SHUT UP! I read a blog that more writers need to shut up and listen and I am trying to do that.

I am continuing to find agents to send my faerie novel queries to. I found two more this morning that look interesting, oops one is for my YA historical fiction novel, my bad.

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