Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trying to Find More Time in the Day

My days seem to slip away from me. I had all these plans to do some writing while I am off work due to back pain issues but instead I find my days not filled with writing as I had planned but filled with trying to banish the pain and subsequent loss of energy from dealing with the pain. If I am not in any pain or in less pain I can sit at the computer and write but if the pain is bad I can't. As soon as I start to feel better I do more hence more pain. *sighs*

I am eagerly awaiting the day my mystery novel is coming my way to be edited (not until Feb. or so I am told). Maybe this is a blessing because I hope to be in less pain by then. I haven't heard about my romance novel yet either. Hopefully they won't have to be edited at the same time!

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